Help Your Landscape Thrive

Remove Excess Water for Good

Improper drainage of your landscape can cause huge puddles of water to accumulate on your lawn, causing potentially devastating damage to your property. At Palos Landscaping in Houston, we offer professional drainage solutions to keep your landscape looking and functioning beautifully. Get in touch today to learn more!

Improper drainage can have many negative effects on your landscape, including:

  • Yellowing of your lawn
  • Reduced growth of your lawn
  • Drowning trees, shubs, flowers, and more
  • Costly Basement flooding
  • Soil Erosion
  • Weed outbreaks
  • Lawn disease

If you’ve noticed that your lawn looks less than ideal, then it may be suffering from improper drainage. Improper drainage not only makes your lawn or garden look bad, but it can also cost you countless money in property damage. You shouldn’t have to fear heavy or even moderate rainfall for the destruction it will cause to your landscape. At Palos Landscaping, our Houston area professionals have years experience in landscape drainage. 

There are several  lawn drainage. The classic “French drain” involves filling a trench with coarse stone or gravel. The drain can be left open, but our clients often prefer to cover them with topsod and soil for more aesthetic appeal. You may also want to create a boggy area in your outdoor space for landscapes with only a small amount of excess water. Many plants native to Houston thrive in boggy areas. A newer type of drainage system is known as a “dry well.” Dry well drainage systems are an eco-friendly alternative to a French drain that involves directing downspouts are drains to an underground storage well.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating the landscape of your dreams. Don’t let improper drainage reduce your lawn to a soggy, costly mess. Get in touch with the landscaping professionals at Palos Landscaping today to discuss how we can help restore your lawn or garden or lawn to its former glory.